Welcome to Bergstrom Motorcycles

No matter what your bike needs, Bergstrom Motorcycles is the place to go. We offer MMI certified work to repair, rebuild, and customize any motorcycle. Harley-Davidson bikes are our specialty.

Bergstrom Motorcycles does it all.

Does your bike need work on the suspension and steering? Count on us for modifying forks, adjusting shocks and converting handlebars.

What about wheels and tires? From in-stock tires to special orders, we can get what you need. We balance all our tires and even rebuild spoked wheels.

You don't just want performance from your bike. You want that custom look. From repairs to custom paint jobs to fabrication, Bergstrom Motorcycles can make your bike an eye-catching beauty. Whether it's frame modifications, custom parts or just a top-notch well-protected paint job, our work can't be beat.

Rely on us to get your bike rolling in style.